London’s Hottest Neighbourhood (1)

London’s Hottest Neighbourhoods

London’s real estate market has taken off this year, as you’ve probably already heard from the many, many news articles. When we take a look at where the largest increases in prices have been, you might be shocked to hear that while it was close to the North end of the city, the South end…

Millennials Buying Homes

Make Way for Millennials in New Developments

I recently read an article relating to the private investment into public spaces and was intrigued by this relatively new concept in the development of communities. This movement towards sustainable living and urban centres, is in my opinion not going anywhere as Millennials move into buying homes. We can see in many of the condominiums and…

Graduating School

Own a Home After Graduation

So you’re about to graduate from College, University, trade school or even high school. This time of year is not an easy one for graduates, you’re thinking about home ownership, your career path, finding the one and maybe even family. Let’s begin by talking about the first one, home ownership. Typically many will begin to…