Victoria Park Viewing

Christmas Decorating and Displays

Every year many people love to do some Christmas decorating, and some like to put their decorating on display for the public to enjoy as well.  Businesses, private residences and even cities themselves will get involved, and London is no different. Family Time I remember growing up, hopping in the family mini-van, and touring around…

Wine Cork

5 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks At Home

Calling all hosts and avid wine drinkers! Have you ever been in the situation where there are too many corks and nothing to do with them? Don’t worry everyone has been there, we are here to tell you not to throw them away, that’s right, keep them! You would be surprised at some of the…

First Time Buyer

First Time Home Buyer

Great news if you are a first time home buyer in 2017!  The government of Ontario has announced they will be doubling the current first time home buyer rebate to use for the land transfer tax. The Details The current land transfer tax rebate for first time buyers is set at $2,000, which meant you…

Retire to London

Retire to London

Retire to London Ontario isn’t just a title, it is an opportunity many soon to be retirees and retirees are taking advantage of.  The bulk of them are coming down the 401 from Toronto, to retire in London, and really, why not?  There aren’t too many simple ways to add close to a half a…

A photo by Tuğba Yüksel.

Ontario Cottage Property Owners

It’s coming to the end of another cottage season, and another batch of vacation property renters will consider making the move to becoming Ontario cottage property owners.  Where to start?  A lot of people will jump online and start searching for properties, narrowing by price, or area, or some other consideration (like avoiding Hwy 400 on weekends).…


Remodel Right With These Tips

Remodeling can be expensive and deciding on what to do in order to receive the most return on your investment can be a difficult task, however it is important to know what you can do to save on budget. This blog will give you a guide on how to save money, and where you can…

Home Search

Do a Home Search Right

It may be difficult to find what you want in a home, while some home buyers know what they want, others are going into the process without any idea about what home will fit their needs. This brings the question, how do you do a home search right, from the start? This blog will go…

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing for Real Estate

Instagram is one platform that must be understood completely in order to use it effectively. As the youngest sibling among Facebook and Twitter, many businesses are still signing up to join the Instagram community, and it is one of our favourite social platforms. With Instagram surpassing Twitter in the number of users, there is no…


Are Millennials Buying Homes?

Millennials have been a long controversial topic among marketers, financial institutions, and most importantly the housing market. While some believe Millennials were born anywhere from 1980 to 2000, the final decision is still debated, where do you draw the line between Generation X and the newest Generation Z. Five years ago Millennials represented less than…

Military Relocation

Military Relocation to London Ontario

The Price Real Estate Team is quite adept at assisting with a military relocation, whether you are coming to, or leaving the London Ontario area.  Recently our team had the privilege working with 2 Canadian Military relocations, both coming to the area.  The real estate team makes the process a lot easier on all parties, since…

Do Not Compete

Real Estate Non-Compete

Every year, we see a multitude of people get their real estate licence, and attempt to make a career of it.  Some succeed, a lot tread water, or fail (70% will no longer have their licence after 2 years).  Knowing where to get your start and how to build your business are two very important…


Are You Using Houzz?

What is Houzz? If you have not heard of Houzz, now is your time. When the founders of Houzz, Adi and Alon were in the process of renovating their home they found that the method of sorting through magazines and numerous websites was not the most effective way to find what they wanted. With the…

Knollwood Park Public School

Keller Williams RED Day 2016

Introduced in 2009, Keller Williams RED Day which stands for renew, energize and donate, takes place once a year on the second Thursday of May. Keller Williams Brokerages across the company pick an organization for the year to raise money and volunteer their time that they believe will have the most impact on their community.…

The Azure

High-rise Condos Coming to Downtown London

London’s city skyline has grown at a slow and steady pace in the past, however in the recent years the skyline has seen a higher than average growth. This post will discuss the current, future and potential high rise developments to look for when condo shopping. Downtown London The Renaissance, built in 2009 was one…