London Ontario Neighbourhoods

London, Ontario, ON

Sunningdale is a largely popular area of the City of London’s north end, near Sunningdale Golf Club, and home to some of London’s most amazing homes.

Byron, London, ON, Ontario

Riverbend is a newer, upscale subdivision in London’s west end seeing continued development, including a large master planned, carbon neutral community called West5.

London, Ontario, north, Hyde Park

Foxfield is former farm land in London Ontario’s north west end featuring a mix of homes starting just above London’s average home price.  A popular neighbourhood close to shopping, golf courses and communities just outside London.

Masonville, London, ON

Masonville is one of the most well known areas of London, primarily due to Masonville Mall.  Near the intersection of Richmond Street and Fanshawe Park Road is the most common thought of spot in the area.

London, Ontario

One of Byron Ontario’s most well known attractions, is world famous Springbank Park, which runs along the south side of the Thames River in Byron.  The area is a mix of homes from the 1950’s to today.

London, ON, Harvestfest

Lambeth Ontario is located in London’s south west, and known for having large lots, and a small town feel.  Every September residents look forward to the annual Harvestfest.

London, Ontario, walking trails

Talbot Village is a popular community located in the City of London’s south west corner, between Lambeth and Byron.  It is built around naturally occurring ponds, that the developer took advantage of to create green space and walking paths.

London, Ontario

Oakridge is a popular neighbourhood, most known for it’s large lots and ranch homes.  The neighbourhood is seeing interest from people looking to flip homes, especially for those wanting a newer home, with the large lots of an older community.

London Hunt and Country Club, Ontario,

Hunt Club is one of London’s most well established communities, as the London Hunt and Country Club has been around since the late 1800’s.

Old South, London, Ontario

Wortley Village is a part of Old South in London Ontario, that has been consistently in the top places in Canada to live.  It is popular for home owners, investors and renters with it character and location close to London’s downtown.

London, Ontario, Meadowlily Woods, City Wide Park

 Summerside in south east London Ontario, is a new neighbourhood, with close proximity to Hwy 401, and easy access to downtown.  It also is located near Meadowlily Woods and City Wide Park.

Berkshire, London, ON

Southcrest and Berkshire is a popular area on the west side of London Ontario.  Located to the East of Wonderland, south of Commissioners and north of Springbank, it is a primarily residential neighbourhood.  This area is seeing a considerable amount of interest from flippers as original owners are now moving out of their homes.

London, Ontario, Westminster

Westminster is a popular area of London Ontario with first time buyers and families, that is full of green space, walking paths and trails.

Uplands, London, Ontario

 Uplands is a popular in North London Ontario, and is a mix of new and old building styles.  Also known for it’s large lots, schools and green space.

Banning House, London, Ontario, Eternal Flame

Old East Village is going through a resurgence due to the City of London’s focus on the area especially the corridor on Dundas Street, and the addition of sports and entertainment facilities.

London, Ontario, Covent Garden Market, downtown

Downtown London Ontario is primarily a retail, entertainment, commercial and business district.  It does have highrise condominiums, as well as rental apartments with a few detached residential homes.

Meadowlily Woods, Fairmont, East Park, London, Ontario

 Fairmont and East Park are a couple of neighbourhoods in east London that appeal to first time buyers and families.

White Oaks Mall, London, Ontario

White Oaks is a large community in London’s south end just north of the 401 and is popular for its affordable price point and central location.

Stoneybrook, London, ON, Ontario

Stoneybrook is located in North London between Sunningdale and Fanshawe Park, and just outside the Masonville shopping district.

Huron Heights, London, Ontario, ON

 Huron Heights is a neighbourhood in London Ontario, north of Oxford, east of Highbury and sees a mix of residential, commercial and home to London’s Fanshawe College.

Westmount, London, Ontario

Westmount is a master planned community, primarily built by Sifton, and is known for it’s mature streets, and it’s mix of building styles and unique designs.