Bathroom Makeovers

If you are in the process of updating your bathroom, you have come to the right place. Deciding on updating a bathroom can be a daunting task and that is why we are here to help you decide where to start. Some of the main components you should consider before deciding to tackle this project is your budget, design preferences and where to spend your money in order to maximize the resale value. The big question being “what will get me the greatest return on my investment, while also meeting my personal preferences?” Ready to update your bathroom? Here we go.

#1. Updating Fixtures

Spending a healthy portion of your budget on fixtures goes a long way, and can often make or break the bathroom. Adding flare through fixtures is an excellent idea, just remember chrome and brushed nickel are the new gold. With the new modern sleek design of faucets/showerheads such as the Loure® from Kohler and the Ara® line from Delta, this will add a quick ultra-modern revamp to any bathroom, and appeal to a large audience. If you are attempting to achieve a classic look, the Kohler Refinia® line  is a great option without being too edgy. When looking for higher quality fixtures, it is important to look for brass and copper internal components as they will provide a longer lasting product. One of the main issues with plastic as seen in many of the lower end products is that they tend to wear out and cause leaking, a leaking bathroom is not an appealing one. Buyers will know the difference between a high quality and low quality fixture, so be sure to spend the money on a good product. Check out Consumer Reports faucet buying guide, or the showerhead buying guide, which will give a more in depth description of what types are available and what to look for.

#2. Add Colour!

Painting is the most inexpensive renovation that is available, whether it be the walls, the floors or the tiles in the shower and bath, it can make a tremendous difference in the appeal to buyers while also creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and refreshed for yourself. An important design element in any bathroom is to go with neutral colours, ones that appeal to a large audience and provide a calming environment. While going with neutral colours is important, it is a must to add colour to the room through the accents such as towels, shower curtains, flowers, floor mats, shelving and even as much as soap. If you have a neutral beige colour, try adding some yellow to brighten up the area, or use a green to create an outdoor tranquil feel. For some more colour inspiration check out Houzz’s bathroom colour ideas.

#3. Change up the Lighting

Switching the lighting a bathroom, while this may prove to be costly, it can make a complete transformation in the appeal. When looking to change the lighting you want to make sure that you are able to see yourself as you would in natural light, or the closest to it. One of the major design flaws when tackling lighting in a bathroom is to add recessed lighting above the mirror as it will only cast light on the forehead and create shadows on the face. While this may be a solution in the bathroom, make sure that it has a separate switch that can be turned off or dimmed. Natural or LED task lighting has proven a successful solution to the recessed lighting issue a great option for this is the Metro Vanity Light. Located on either side of the mirror, task lighting gives a natural lighting look and even distribution when getting ready in the morning. Unlike other parts of the home, keep the lighting in a bathroom as sleek and simple as possible. Attempting to clean a chandelier or exotic light fixture will become a task that you won’t want to be doing months down the road, and when it comes to a bathroom it needs to look like the clean sanctuary you intended it to be. If you don’t want to update the light fixtures, an inexpensive way to increase the appeal is to switch out the light bulb, check out the guide on what to look for in light bulbs here.

#4. Assess Storage Space

Storage space in any bathroom is essential to creating a clutter free and clean environment. If you notice that not everything has a designated spot, it is time to make one. Depending on the storage solutions that you choose, the cost can add up quickly, and thus it is important to find storage that maximizes the internal space of the cupboards and drawers. It is recommended to find storage with non-transparent doors as this will allow you to hide the items that you don’t want guests to see, or that are not part of creating your bathroom sanctuary. Large cupboards and drawers are great, however something to look for is enough shelving space within in order to maximize the usage, shelving that is too far apart will create waste and too close together will limit the amount that can be placed inside. Having the ability to move the shelving units inside of the cupboard will make this process easier as you can then change the space to accommodate changes in stored items.When storing towels, bath mats and soap, it is important to find a place where they are visible, items like these are essential to adding colour where it is needed, while also enhancing the soft and clean feel. Remember that storage solutions should match the fixtures, paint colour and hardware in the room, mismatching will create confusion and take away from the bathroom that you want to show off.

#5. Declutter

This renovation is absolutely free of capital investment, however it may increase both your bathroom appeal and selling price of the home. The saying “a messy desk is a messy mind” applies to every aspect of a house. Assess what you use and don’t use, I always recommend that if you have not used it for six months to one year, throw it away.

Final Statement

I hope this guide has helped you to decide what to do with your bathroom renovation, if you have any questions about what will bring the greatest return on your investment, feel free to leave it below. Now it is time get that bathroom back to the sanctuary it is intended to be.