Does Your Home Need a Tune-Up

As a homeowner, especially in today’s HGTV world of buying and selling homes, it is imperative to work on your home while living in it.  Most modern buyers would prefer to pay a premium, and just buy a home that suits all their needs and wants.  Almost gone are the days of buyers wanting to put in sweat equity on their properties.  We find a lot of homes falling into a “no man’s land” of not being bad enough for those looking to renovate properties, and not being anywhere upgraded enough for the new generation of home buyers hitting the market.

Things like basic maintenance of your furnace and central air conditioner, fresh paint with current in style colours and eliminating any out of date light and plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring and window treatments.  Keep records of the work, and before and after pictures will help when it comes time to list your home.  Simple things like basic landscaping and sealing the driveway, replacing deck boards and fixing leaning fences go a long way.

Buyers like to see the work that has been done, to show why there is an increase in value of your home, and if you have any records you can pass on so they know who did the work, makes it even better.  When you are upfront with all the details, it really helps keep potential buyers for your home from thinking you are attempting to hide something.

I’ve been told there are two times you can pay to upgrade your home.  While you are living in it, you can do upgrades gradually over time increasing the value you will get when it’s time to sell.  Or, when it comes time to list your home to sell, you will have to list for, and get less.  If you would like a free evaluation of your property if you are thinking of selling your home, contact The Price Real Estate Team at 519.663.9411.