I don’t want to go to a Retirement or Nursing home!

As we go through life we all face decisions that are challenging and for most people the thought of moving to a retirement or nursing home is a daunting one for both senior/s involved and their children aiding in the decision. Leaving years of independence and memories behind and changing the way you have been living for many years is stressful. For some it might be the best decision.  There are now many options.

I was quite pleased to see a company here in London called “Home Instead Senior Care” giving options that are long overdue. Essentially they are offering  home care in house on a individualized basis​.

The types of care they offer are:

Companionship Care
Personal Care​
Meals & Nutrition
House​hold Duties
Resp​​ite Care
Hos​pice Care Support Services
24 Hour and Live-I​n Care​

I spoke with James Chalmers who is the local owner and operator of the London office of the international company and from the first meeting I could tell that his passion for helping seniors and their kids is remarkable.

James explains that kids facing matters concerning their aging parents is very stressful, having options and having someone explain what’s best for their mom and/or dad is his primary goal. Although he owns the company his passion comes from facing these decisions for his grandmother before her passing. Seeing that there were few options to allow someone to remain in their existing home fueled his pursuit to find alternatives.

Very few involved cheerfully admit that they are in need of any assistance or expect that a son or daughter will be able to just pitch in from time to time to help them. Today’s generation facing these issues are squeezed by raising kids and attempting to also take care of their parents. Having another person to sit with their parents or help them out with their daily tasks is allowing both parent and child to continue their independence without feeling guilty.

James is always available to talk and discuss options you may be considering and you can call him at his office 519-913-1662 for a free consultation to learn how home care can benefit your family.