Downsizing your Home

Downsizing, smaller home


If the time has come, that your home is just too large, too much room, too much work, then start to prepare in case it is time to downsize.  A lot of emotion can be tied up in selling a home, where you raised your children, and grandchildren, had family gatherings, and various get togethers.  Maybe you’ve just decided you don’t need the room anymore, and would like less maintenance.  Once the decision to downsize is made, there are going to be a lot more decisions on what to do with your personal belongings.

Sure, the treadmill and elliptical are easy ones to part with, they’ve been coat racks in a spare room for the last bunch of years anyway.  Let’s be honest, one of the biggest issues people face when they downsize, is they just don’t want to get rid of any of their stuff.  A lot of those items you’ve accumulated over the years will have plenty of memories, and good times associated with them.  Or maybe you just like your stuff, and can’t decide what to do with them.  I’m sure some of your family will gladly take some of it that they may also have fond memories of.  Some may also be way too nice to just get rid of.  So why not consider selling it?  I’m not talking yard sale, kijiji or list of items pinned up at the local grocery store.  How about letting a professional handle selling some of your great pieces?  There are multiple places around London ON that you can go including Kid Cents.

If you aren’t ready to downsize yet, and could use a little help around the house, we recommend you to see our post “I don’t want to go to a Retirement Home.

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