Marketing Your Home

Marketing your home can bring a large range of results for any home for sale.  Once in a while a buyer will knock on your door looking to buy your home, just because of where it is.  Usually, you need to do more than that.  There can be a large range of ways to bring attention to your property, and the marketing involved is to bring the most attention to your home, to get it sold as fast as possible.

More than Just a Sign on the Lawn

To the general public, the basic thought is all REALTORS® provide the same amount of service, marketing and experience, which just isn’t true.  Without interviewing the real estate professional(s) you hire to sell your home, you won’t know exactly what they will do for you.  To some, it’s a sign on the lawn, and the listing on the MLS (multiple listing service).  In some cases, that can be enough.  If that is all the marketing being done, it will more than likely take a very long time (if ever) to sell.  Other ways to market your home include:

  • Networking with other REALTORS®
  • Having the home staged for maximum attraction
  • Social Media plan and ads
  • Paid internet advertising (Targeted Facebook ads, and Google Placement)
  • Public and REALTOR® Open Houses
  • Flyers, Door Knocking, Calling areas where potential buyers would come from
  • Professional Photos
  • Virtual Tours, Aerial Tours

Operating Costs

To have all information together for potential buyers to see the other costs associated with the home will go a long way.  The average utility costs, and recent maintenance and upgrades done to the home to show the value.

Clean and Clutter-Free

You are planning to move, which means packing at some point, so start packing before people see your home.  Seasonal clothes, extra furniture, extra linens, collections and more should be stored away before starting to show your home.  You want to show how much storage and space there is in your home, not how full you have made it.

Eliminating any smells (pets, sports equipment, cooking) is also an imperative point.  This also pertains to deodorizers and air cleaners.  Your home can become very obnoxious with the extra nice scents, and turn many people off, or even make them ill.  A lot of people have allergies to scents, and you don’t want to turn them off.


Flexibility on the closing date is another important factor in the successful marketing of a home. Real problems can arise when vendors and purchasers can’t agree on a closing date. Again, it’s important to work with your REALTOR® and listen to suggestions. Some deals are lost simply because the vendor and purchaser can’t agree on a closing date.

Stay Informed

Your REALTOR® should keep you informed by following up after each showing and providing you with a weekly update on how the marketing of your home is progressing. By the same token, if you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to share these with your REALTOR®.

You’ll find that a team effort, combined with a realistic approach will help you market your home much more effectively.  To speak to a real estate professional, you can contact The Price Real Estate Team at 519.663.9411 or