On the Move

We’ve seen plenty of homes exchange hands this year in London Ontario, and no doubt we will see many more in the years to come.  Along with selling a house, moving is a process not too many people enjoy.  Sure, when the move is done, and you are in your new home and unpacked, it is awesome.  Until that happens, it is a messy, stressful time, and the following are some things to keep in mind to hopefully keep the move relatively organized.

Time to Move

You have made the leap, and bought your new home  Now you have to wait until closing date to get your keys, and move into your new place.  The job isn’t completed yet, there are still a lot of things to take care of.

Utilities and services

It is now up to you to decide who you will be using for your utilities and services.  If you are also selling, it’s just a matter of contacting all your providers to switch addresses for your account.  London Hydro, Union Gas, are a couple of the more common utilities in London.  With services like cable, satellite, phone and internet service there are a lot more choices.  Execulink has a great little blog post to help.  If you are moving out of the London area, you have double the work possibly.  You will have to cancel services in London, and set up new ones in your new city.

If you can, give plenty of notice to make sure there are no interruptions in your service, although a couple of weeks is plenty.

Forwarding address

With online billing, changing your address for a lot of your bill payments isn’t a problem, because a paper bill isn’t sent out any longer.  A few places people forget to change are with Canada Revenue Agency, Service Ontario for your driver’s licence, plate sticker and health card.  Your financial institutions also send you the odd paper bill, so don’t forget to contact them as well.


Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to pack up your belongings.  It is going to take more time than expected, so be ready.  If you are selling your home, more than likely you’ve had to pack up some belongings for staging purposes anyway.  Keep packing.  The loading of the truck(s) takes almost no time when all your stuff is ready to go.

Start collecting packing material early.  Newspapers, flyers, boxes can all be stored in relatively small spaces, keep it neat, and no one will think twice about seeing it in your garage or basement while viewing your home for sale.  Make sure to label your boxes, and with different colours for different rooms if possible.  This will make the organization of the unpack much easier when everyone knows where every box is supposed to be.

Moving Day

Book your moving truck or moving company as soon as possible.  Especially if your move date is near the end of June (a lot of home closings that time) or the end of August (there are plenty of students moving that time of year).

If your move is into a building, talk to the building manager and book an elevator.  You do not want to be carrying dressers and couches up staircases.