Your Heating System

Everyday people look to add value by upgrading their house, and today your upgrades can be of the smart home variety.  By smart home upgrade we aren’t talking about ones that bring the best rate of return (although that isn’t a bad thing).  We are speaking about making your home more automated, and by doing so, safer, more energy efficient and hopefully easier to function day in, day out.

Smart Monitoring

Have you ever wondered what is happening at your home while you are away, or did you remember to lock the door?  These are just a couple of the things smart monitoring offers for your piece of mind.  In Canada, the ads from Rogers about smart monitoring have been on the airways for years, although they aren’t the only ones offering the service.  Security companies such as ADT also offer the programs, that feature the abilities to view your home through cameras, lock/unlock doors remotely, water monitoring, CO and fire detection, light and thermostat control all through web based apps on computer or phone.

Smart ThermostatSmart Home, Honeywell

It is one thing to have access to your thermostat remotely.  It is a completely different thing all together to have a thermostat that actually adapts to the way you use it, and heat and cool your home based on your usage.  It’s great to program it to operate in vacation mode while you are away, it’s better when they recognize traffic in the home to realize you cut your vacation short and kicked back into regular operation without you having to think about it.  Nest, Honeywell and Ecobee are a few of the companies competing for your business, and all have pro’s and con’s to their operation.  They also look amazing, instead of a boring box on the wall.

Energy Efficiency

Money saEnergy savings, smart homevings is another great benefit (after initial cost of installation) while also helping be less of a drain on the energy grid.  Let’s be honest, it’s not like electricity costs are going down anytime soon, so any savings is great savings.  Accessing your thermostat from your phone or computer to turn it up or down depending on the season, or being able to keep the lights off, until heading back to your house and lighting up the entryway and yard.  While your away, your home doesn’t need to be lit up like the Griswold’s house in Christmas Vacation, or hot as the tropics or cool as the arctic.  Having the flexibility to adjust your appliances and systems while away, or better yet, the house learn how you and family use them on a daily basis.

Smart Homes

The real point of a smart home, is for it to work for you, not because you told it to do something.  The thermostats can learn and predict what temperatures you like, and when you like them that way and anticipate a change, before you go and do it.  A lot of people like a warmer home in the evening while hanging with the family watching TV or whatever else is planned.  Once it’s time to go to bed, the temperature gets dropped so you are a bit more comfortable under the covers.  By making those adjustments manually for a little while, the thermostat eventually begins to learn your patterns and anticipate your changes ie. smart thermostats.