Tips to Sell your House

When it comes time to get your home ready for sale, it is not something to take lightly.  The way your home shows in person, in the pictures and videos online are hugely important.  Some simple changes can dramatically change the way your home is looked at, and who it will appeal to.  Here are a few tips to sell your house, before you do something major, contact your REALTOR® to make sure what you have planned will make a difference.  Nothing worse than spending a bunch of time and money and it not be worth it.

Clean everything in and out of sight

With clipboard in hand, take a tour of your home. Take note of every opportunity to remove clutter and dirt. Rooms, closets and cupboards will appear larger and more inviting when you get rid of unnecessary stuff and tidy up what’s left. Remove bulky or unused furniture and rearrange the rest to make the best use of space.

It is a great idea to go to a few open houses and pick apart the houses you are seeing.  Notice where the dirty spots are, the unattended parts of the home, and yard.  Now go home and do the same thing to your own house.  It’s amazing what things you just get used to seeing, and don’t notice anymore.

You can also hire a cleaning company to go over your home and take care of all of this for you.  If time is of the essence, or you’d rather be doing anything else other than cleaning, leave it to the professionals.  They will be as precise, or generic with the cleaning as you need.

Start packing well before you plan on moving.  In North America, we live with 1/3 more stuff in our homes than needed.  We all need more storage for our extra stuff.  Make sure you are showing how much storage room you have, and not how much stuff you can fit in it.  Pack and move out the extra stuff before listing your home for sale, this includes closets in rooms, as well as linen closets.  Rent a storage locker, use a friends or family members garage or basement.  Filling your garage, or unfinished portion of your home is not a solution.  The point is to showcase all parts of your home, and not close parts off.

Repair as much as you can

Fix all those annoying things you’ve been dealing with before allowing people to tour your home.  That dripping tap, loose railing, broken closet or cabinet door.  Also make sure all the lights in your home work, and none are burned out.  To show the best, purchase GE reveal bulbs.  These bulbs give a very clean, bright light, that will show your home in the best light.

Large repairs should be completed before listing the home for sale as well.  Replace the roof.  It doesn’t matter if you price your home lower because the roof needs to be done, it won’t matter.  All buyers, and buyer agents will come in lower than list price, because it needs a roof.

Depersonalize your home

Your house reflects you. It is decorated with your taste and your sense of style. Sometimes your family heirlooms, artwork, and personal collections distract potential buyers from seeing the home itself. Grit your teeth and store most personal items (framed family photos, trophies, etc.) out of the way.  You still need your home to be welcoming and warm, sterile in most cases can be just as bad as cluttered.  You want to make sure your tastes aren’t distracting from the important thing, seeing the house, and themselves living in it.

If you have brightly coloured accent walls or heavily patterned wallpaper, consider repainting or wallpapering these areas with light, neutral colours that enhance a room’s size and make it more flexible to receive any kind of furniture. Remove area rugs, light fixtures and other items that buyers might find too difficult to imagine in “their home”, even if you were not intending to include these in the sale.

Beautify the house and yard

Peeling, dry paint is relatively easy to fix or replace and can make all the difference in your home’s appearance. If your carpet or other floor covering is in really bad shape, consider replacing it. The same holds true for badly tattered window coverings such as drapes and blinds.

Clean up the outside of your house.  Seal the driveway, scrape and paint any peeling areas, edge the drive and walkways, make sure no weeds are growing in the driveway or patio, rake the lawn, trim any trees and bushes, power wash the outside of the house and mulch is an easy way to spruce up any garden.

It is a lot of work to get a house ready to sell.  It can take a lot of time in some cases.  If possible, call a REALTOR® in well in advance to give you some advice, and they may even recommend bringing in a professional designer or stager.  If you have questions about getting your home ready to sell, or to list your home for sale, contact The Price Real Estate Team at 519.663.9411.